Like a Fairytale

The villages of Spiti Valley are ridiculously picturesque. The landscapes, the people’s faces, in some cases, their costumes and in others, the combination of everything, I often feel like I am in a fairytale. It’s hard to believe that such places still exist, but I sure am glad that they do. Dhankar was one of the more fairytale-like villages that we visited and here are some images from there.

Here’s something a little different. I made this time-lapse video of Dhankar fort at sunrise. The whole thing was shot from just outside the window of my room. Best view I’ve ever had. :)


And here’s a video Tanya took while I was making the second image in this blog post. Just wanted to include it to give you all a better idea of how the scene felt.


That's all from me for possibly some time. I might finally leave to Leh, Ladakh tomorrow, after having recovered from the gruelling ride and stuffing on great food here in Manali over a few days.