New e-book "Getting Published in Photography Magazines" and the "Going Pro" Kit

A couple of days ago my latest e-book with DPS (Digital Photography School) came out. This one will likely be appreciated by all those who are trying to get their work out there in front of a larger audience, to be published and paid.

The e-book is all about getting into photography magazines, which I feel are some of the first places where photographers (of any genres) hoping to get published and paid should look. The thing about photography magazines is that they are fairly accessible, but at the same time they can open up a whole bunch of opportunities that are not initially obvious. One of the aims of this e-book was to help aspiring photographers see what I think of as "the bigger picture" i.e. all the various potential benefits that come with being published and that can ultimately move a photographer’s career forward.

The content is predominantly made up of six case studies of my own submissions to certain photographic publications and there’s loads of practical advice. I talk about the image selection process, as well as choosing the magazine to submit to, there’s even an example letter to the editor. The whole point of the e-book is to give all all those with the talent and skill to get published, something close to a blueprint for how to actually go about it.

This e-book is actually the smaller part of a bundle called “Going Pro”, which as you might have guessed is all about getting into photography professionally and making some money with it. The bigger e-book offers a broader, more detailed view of the photography industry and it should be particularly helpful for those who don’t yet know where they might fit in.

My e-book will be available at some point on its own, though I have no idea when. I would however encourage anyone who is still uncertain about what area of the photography industry they want to get into or whoever wants more information on the industry in general to get the “Going Pro” Kit. It is on sale at the moment ($29.99), you’re basically getting my e-book for next to free. All information is available HERE or click the banner below to purchase directly (securely through Digital Photography School).

I’ll be back with some new images soon. In the meantime check out some of my latest videos on Youtube. HERE’s one that should give you folks an idea of the kinds of roads I’m traveling on and HERE is another experiment with the Go Pro, I used it to film cattle being herded. I wanted to get a really low perspective, so attaching the camera to a long boom pole helped me achieve that aim.

See you all soon.