Understanding Post-processing - Making the Most of Your Images in Lightroom 5

A few years ago I created an eBook on working with photographs in Lightroom and Photoshop. I called it Understanding Post-processing and to my surprise, it was a huge success. But, perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised...

Deconstructing a Photograph - a Video

I'm trying something different today. I've always considered that one of the best ways to learn photography is through looking at images and deconstructing them, or if possible, finding out the story behind them from the photographer. It is not so often that a photographer goes "behind the scenes" but I know that there should be some curious folks out there, who like me would love to see that kind of stuff.

New e-book "Getting Published in Photography Magazines" and the "Going Pro" Kit

A couple of days ago my latest e-book with DPS (Digital Photography School) came out. This one will likely be appreciated by all those who are trying to get their work out there in front of a larger audience, to published and paid.

The city of Vigan and a video

I’ve left the cool Cordillera mountains for the warmth of the plains and a rather amazing city (more like town) by the name of Vigan. Vigan is supposed to have the highest amount of preserved colonial buildings anywhere in the Philippines and I have to say that these old Spanish/Mexican/Chinese/Filipino “relics” make the town very atmospheric indeed...