Eyevoyage and Powerful Imagery

It’s been a long time since I wanted to share this, and, today I finally can! I’ve got a new eBook out and even more exciting is the fact that I’m launching it through my new website Eyevoyage (created with a friend of mine). The name, I hope evokes thoughts of a journey with your eyes. I also hope that it’ll become the go-to place for aspiring travel photographers and anyone interested in travel and great photography in general.

The project is an ambitious one. It’s going to consist of Blog posts, Facebook posts. eBooks and at a later stage, videos. We’re independent, we love good photography and we’re driven by producing quality, in a sense, pure work, ahead of commercially successful, mass-appealing products. It’s a risk and it’ll be tough, but, I’ve learned long ago that anything worthwhile in life ain’t easy.

Without further-ado, below is the link to the website where you’ll find the eBook too:

eyevoyage-logoI’d like to ask any and all of you who want this project to succeed to spread the word as much as you can. Share it on Facebook, Blog it, Tweet it, Pin it. Whatever you can! :)

A few words about the eBook. It’s called “Powerful Imagery” The Photographer’s Insight.

The eBook is a collection of 15 of my best images and an in-depth analysis on how I made them. I have always been a believer that one of the most engaging ways to learn is through looking at good images and de-constructing them. With the eBooks I’ve done in the past I was constantly seeking more effective ways to present this to an audience and I think that this last eBook is a culmination of all my experiences.

You can purchase the eBook right HERE or on the Eyevoyage website. What we generate will go a long way in improving the website, adding new photographers and keeping those photographers on the road, photographing.

I’m in the more remote Africa now. Continuing my journey in my Landrover Defender. More details when I’m near a decent connection.