Rabari - Encounters with the nomadic tribe, a new e-book

I can finally announce my latest e-book. Actually, I almost missed the release, due to my temperamental internet connection here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The e-book is called “Rabari - Ecounters with the nomadic tribe” and it’s available HERE or by clicking the image at the top of the post.

I won’t go into too much detail as to what it’s about, rather, check out the information page at “Lightstalking” they are the folks I collaborated with on this release. All I’ll say is that I’m exited to have it out there and the main reason for my excitement is that this e-book goes beyond the basics and behind the scenes. That’s the sort of stuff I like reading about most and like writing about most too.

When I was considering writing the e-book, I asked myself the question; if one of the photographers whose work I really enjoyed let me get into his/her head, to gain a deep understanding of his/her creative process in a practical manner, would I be interested in seeing that information in some shape or form? The answer was a big “yes.” So, this is an e-book which I basically wish I found someone else produce, because I’d be interested to read it.

“Rabari - Ecounters with the nomadic tribe” is the first e-book of a series on travel documentary photography that I will do with “Lightstalking.” We’ll release at least two more of these types of e-books in the coming year. The first of the series is about my project on the nomadic shepherds of India. I thought it was a fitting choice because it was the first significant project I did. It was the body of work which put me on the map as a photographer.

That’s about it from me for now. I’ll post something from Addis very soon. By that time I will hopefully have a motorcycle and will be ready to head out into the mountains, towards Lalibela, a place sometimes referred to as the Ethiopian Jerusalem.

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