Journey of a Lifetime

Winding roads with sheer drops to hundreds of meters, huge rocks being exploded to clear those roads, ancient cultures clinging to their timeless ways of living and of course, incredible, awe-inspiring mountains, everywhere you look. This trip of mine to the Himalayas has been as exciting, as adventurous and as creatively satisfactory as I had dreamt and hoped it would be.

It feels as if virtually each day of this journey has been packed with more experiences than I have in a year back home in Australia and significantly more than I have when I travel anywhere outside of India.

Photographically, the only “problem” has been the fact that it’s possible to shoot for the entire day every day and this becomes very fatiguing after a while. I have in fact tried doing this, getting up at 4:30 am and going to bed at 11 pm, but I’ve had to slow down a couple of times already, to avoid burning out.

I don’t have much words in me for the time being and I think the photos with captions will communicate much more anyway. The images here are a mix from two projects I decided to work on. One project is on the Indian roads through the Himalayas and the people who build them, the other is on the culture of Spiti Valley (this will become more refined eventually). The images are from the first half of my journey so far, if I get time, more are on the way.

That's all from me for today. I as I said, connection permitting, you'll hear from me again soon.