My new eBook "Captivating Color"

As those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook already know,  my new eBook is out. It’s called “Captivating Color - A guide to dramatic color photography”.

You can get all the details about it at Digital Photography School. For the first week, we’re also giving away my eBook on light “Seeing the Light” for free, so if you’re interested in either one of the eBooks, now’s a good time to get ‘em.

Some of you might say that the topic of color isn’t very “sexy”, you might ask; why the heck should I care about it at all? Well, it’s simple, color matters (and matters a lot) to anyone who shoots color images.

The vast majority of photographers give color very little thought and the fact is, few people really understand it. I feel that this applies to a lot of the more experienced photographers too. After all; why would so many of them be selectively desaturating images in all the wrong places of just for the sake of some effect? (God knows what that effect is meant to achieve)

The main, honest reason why I wrote this eBook is because of my frustration with seeing so much imagery that shows a lack of understanding and feel for color. Some of the stuff could be great, but it just doesn’t hit a home-run, because color is not something that can be ignored. Not using it knowingly, results in images that don’t quite convey the story and the emotions of a particular scene the way the photographer intended to.

That’s what color can and ultimately should do - convey stories and emotions. If I can help even a few of the folks who read this eBook do this more effectively, I’ll consider my mission accomplished. :)

To find out more about Seeing the Light, click HERE. But don’t purchase it there, as you can get it for free with the Color eBook this week.

Also, feel free to check out my guest blog post on Color at DPS. It should give you a good idea of just what color is capable of, photographically speaking.

That’s all from me for today. :)