Back home and Capture Magazine

capture-coverIt’s a bit late, but I thought I’d post it anyway. I’ve won “Exposed” a competition in the Australian “Capture” Magazine for young photographers with less than 3 years experience in the industry (when I entered I had less than 3 years experience). You had to send in a portfolio of images and I sent my "Rabari" series. The whole series can be seen here: did two speards of my work, one of the Rabari photos last year and another this month with a little write up on what I do, oh and they used my image on the cover (above), although they rotated it and cropped it, it’s still kinda nice to see your photograph on the cover of your country’s major photographic magazine.  "Capture" is out now, it's the March/April issue. I’ve been home for about a week. I don’t get a “reverse cultural shock” when I come home after a long trip these days. I guess I’ve been through this whole thing enough times. It sure does feel nice to sleep in a comfy bed, with no traffic noise or insanely loud music outside. I’ll be in Sydney for a few months, a lot of stuff to sort out. But, I figure it’s only a matter of a month or two before I get the urge to get out somewhere again. I guess the blog may start focusing less on travel, since there will not be any and more on photography – the technical side, the practical side and the work of other photographers who I admire.