Road, sea and fish

I've forgotten how long and painful even short motorcycle rides in India can be. After not finding what I wanted in one coastal town, we set off for another. We decided to split up the journey and stop on an island called Diu. Back in 2007 the place felt nice, but, didn't do much for me photographically. Of course, this stuff is just a matter of perspective. 

Now Diu seems like a fascinating place, especially the little fishing village at the tip of the island. The harbour is full of colourful wooden boats. 

The market is full of people. In particular, women who sell the fish from the boats. There's a lot of shouting and bargaining for the best price.

It's colourful. It's buzzing with energy and... I get to eat fish all the time.  What's not to like? 

We've come here for a few consecutive days and will probably stay a few more.