Fish dreams

I love fish (eating it) and fish related stuff. For once, I decided to get it out of my system. To photograph everything to do with fish in a port in Diu and to eat as much fish and seafood as possible. 

I won't ever get totally sick of the theme, but, for now I’ve had my share. I’m referring to the photo side, of course. Still up for a seafood meal any time.

I shot a hell of a lot of stuff at the fish market in Diu, but, I’m currently too exhausted to post much of a story, so, here are just a few images that I've chosen.

Fisherman packing up a fishing net. He was quite flattered that we took interest in him. Soon other fishermen were requesting their photos too.

Dog waiting for his chance. Dogs that hang around the fish market are extremely fortunate by Indian standards. They were very picky with the fish they'd pick off from the piles on the ground. Have no idea why they made the choices they did. 

Boat cleaner. Sometimes the crew cleans their boats from seaweed and barnacles that grow during the extended periods at sea. Other times it's specialists like this man. They work hard and get paid peanuts. Such is life in the fishing industry in India.


Boat cleaners getting ready to take out the propeller. I was told these weigh over 150kg, including the shaft behind the propeller. 

Nothing glamorous about working with fish. I still have the smell of fish in my clothes and had to throw out my shoes. 

I haven’t been so tired from shooting for a very long time. Early mornings and never enough sleep. It’s a good kind of tired though.