Slight change of plans and... Spain never stops surprising.

Just as I started to get comfortable in Turkey I woke up one day and realised - I am so limited by having the little Fiat Panda as my vehicle here. Then I thought about my Russian UAZ car, which is still being prepared. Actually, I'm waiting for it to be prepared and it likely won't happen until November. 

Then I thought of my Landrover Defender in Portugal, which was just standing around, all sad and lonely in a farm. Then I thought - the hell with it, I'll go and get it and drive it to Turkey. 4000 km - why not? So... I'm now in Spain, the north of it. Just left Bardenas Reales, a desert-like place, amazing one really. That's where the images are from.

It seems that even though I'd spent quite a bit of time in Spain over the past few years, it still manages to surprise. 

On a side note, it seems that my DJI Phantom 3 is working really weird lately. I hope it's because of something to do with the area being a testing place for army jets.