Going deeper into Turkey

My journeys have taken me to a village around Assos. I came mainly to chill out a little in a great place I found on Airbnb and, to photograph the ancient ruins that Assos is famous for from above. 

Shooting the ruins was a rather disappointing experience for two reasons. One - there were many people and somehow it didn't feel so special to have em all in the shot. Two - and more importantly I came across three incredibly annoying women who complained about y DJI Phantom 3 making too much noise. They even asked the security guard to go after me. Since they were from a big city and appeared convincing to the security guard, he decided to tell me that flying drones is not allowed in this place.

It was really not worth arguing, so, I moved on. On a positive note, this was the first time that I really photographed people on this trip. Getting a great vibe from everyone that I meet in the countryside. The Turks are incredibly hospitable and likeable people. 

Above on the left is my first attempt shooting with the drone after dark. Looks pretty in focus to me and this is on a 6s exposure. 

This cafe is right around the corner from the place where I stayed. A very typical scene. Men talking, playing cards, smoking, drinking tea. If you're ever around a scene like this and stay for more than a couple of minutes, someone will definitely end up buying you tea. It's what happened in this case too. 

I'm just including a couple more images that I shot from the drone. The above one is of a spot where I slept in the little Fiat Panda. I didn't actually realise that the place looked so beautiful, but suspected it might after I saw the ponds around me. 

Same area from higher up, looking directly down on everything. I feel that it is when you go up fairly high and aim the camera directly down that things start to look almost unrecognisable from how we see them while on land.

Sun begins to set over green fields in rural Turkey. I got the drone to over 200 meters for this shot. The highest I've flown it so far was 450 meters.