A castle by the sea

People have been erecting grandiose buildings for thousands of years. They’ve been doing it in some naturally beautiful places too. It seems though that back in the day people had a better idea of how to create things in more harmony with nature. The Marmure Castle in South Turkey, as grand as it is, still felt like it was in harmony with nature when I saw it.

The castle almost blends in with the landscape. Perhaps this is because it's has been abandoned for many, many years. I think it has to do more with the fact that it’s made of stone, it looks like the large stones near it in the sea. Of course there aren’t any silly advertisements plastered over it either. In any case, there’s something magical when there's harmony in man-made and natural. I think the short video above helps me express this a little better than a still. 

A small observation on the DJI Phantom 3. They claim that thanks to the gymbal, the camera can be still for 8 seconds, meaning you can make an 8-second-long exposure.  Sounds almost absurd, right? But... I have made 6-second exposures in calm settings with success. I'd say that is close enough. Here the wind was extremely strong, so, I thought I couldn’t manage anything slower than 1/30s. Well… the photo at the very top was shot at 1/2s! Click to see it large and you'll see no blur anywhere except in the moving wave, which of course, was intended.