A stop in Malatya

There’s nothing like arriving at a town you knew nothing about and discovering that it’s actually a fascinating place. That was the case with Malatya. The town was on our way and it seemed big enough to have a decent hotel, which was needed after a very cold night of camping followed by a rainy night of camping. 

Unfortunately my car troubles did not end after the Nemrut Crater. We barely made it to a town called Bingöl, where I approached the first mechanic I saw. To my surprise my car received a viable temporary fix to keep going without the coolant boiling and the engine overheating. So, off we went to Malatya. 

We settled right in the middle of city, next to a busy market and a mosque. A stroll through the market rows revealed some visually interesting activity, like people making metal/brass kettles and pots.

I had almost forgotten this busy, buzzing side of Turkey that made me appreciate the country when I first visited Istanbul. A nice reminder and a great place to have a break. 

We’re off to Cappadocia again. Not just because I loved it, but because that’s the only place where I had a proper Landrover mechanic work on my car.