The Georgian valleys and Kars region

From Cappadocia we headed to the North of Turkey. A quick border crossing to Georgia and back had Tanya’s visa renewed. Georgia is a country which I really, really want to travel around, but, when it’s warmer and less wet. 

The mountains and valleys of North Turkey are nothing short of spectacular. Pine forests are everywhere. The mountain tops are jagged and dramatic looking and they, along with the tips of the tallest trees are often enveloped in fog. Unfortunately for us it was also wet. Very wet! 

On the way to the Georgian border we visited Soumela monastery. The monastery is in a ridiculously photogenic spot. It reminds one of monasteries on cliff tops in the Himalayas. I thought I’d outdo any past photographs of the monastery by photographing from the drone. However, it was overcast and rainy for the couple of days that we were there, so, I settled for not much more than a regular tourist shot.

Because of the weather we didn’t stick around long in the Georgian Valleys region. We headed to Kars. The road climbed through a mountain pass of over 2,400 meters. We were enveloped in fog. Nothing to see except fog. 

As we descended and the fog cleared, pine forests no longer surrounded us. Instead there were endless pastures and gently rolling green and beige hills. 

Near Kars we visited the ruins of an ancient Armenian ghost city of Ani. Above is one of the churches that still stands till today.

Off to mount Ararat from Kars. Photos coming soon!