Final days in Cappadocia... I'll be back

After 10 days we left Cappadocia. Tanya needed to get a visa extension to continue our stay in Turkey. I would have stayed longer, but… family first. 

I spent the last couple of days shooting the places I noted for myself but didn’t get a chance to shoot before. At the top is Uçisar shot with the drone. 

This photo of Uçisar is made from a few images. It’s sort of like a horizontal panorama and 3 vertical ones stitched together.

Another view of Uçisar from the town itself.

I’d like to come back, as Cappadocia is full of ridiculously photogenic landscapes and I feel I can do much more here. Perhaps we will be back very soon, if it’s too cold up north. 

Before heading north, we visited Soganli valley (still in Cappadocia). On the way there were cliffs with hundreds of pigeon houses. 

After you pay an entrance fee, you can go up a road from where you see an abandoned village in a dramatic setting. 

In Soganli valley we met a turkey herder. I’ve never met anyone who herds Turkeys, but, here he was - a turkey herder in Turkey. Cappadocia manages to surprise. 

We camped in a small canyon. When we came, only the top was still illuminated by the sun. 

At night I tried some light painting, as the moon was nowhere to be seen and didn’t illuminate anything of the cliff faces. There’s nothing like spending the night in the presence of a million stars. 

I made many images and videos in Cappadocia and perhaps when I come back home to Australia in a few months I'll finally have the time to properly go through all of them. 

Back on the road for us!