Natural Light: Mastering a Photographer’s Most Powerful Tool - My Latest Ebook

Natural light is the most powerful tool that we as photographers have at our disposal. The best thing about it is that it's free and available to absolutely everyone. The other great thing is that we don't need a boatload of expensive gear to take powerful images, once we understand how to use this tool, some of the images I've included as examples in this ebook were taken with my iPhone 4S (not the most powerful or expensive camera to say the least). No matter what camera you use - you can benefit from having a better understanding of natural light.

This ebook is probably the most comprehensive one that I've written yet. I tried to touch on everything that is relevant to using natural light in photography, from the mind-set we need to be in while exposing the frames, to understanding various types of light, to knowing what role post-processing plays, as far as light is related to the creation of a strong photograph.

In short, I think it is the latest, greatest, most mature thing I've written, illustrated with some of the best photos I've taken, and it is beneficial for almost every photographer. How's that for a sales-pitch? :)

For more please go to the Sales Page on Digital Photography School's Website. I always enjoy working with those folks and this one has been a pleasure too.