Can a camera make you a better photographer?

There’s been an onslaught of new cameras lately. Seems like there's a new one out every other week. New features that you supposedly can’t live without. Out with last year’s technology. In with today’s innovation. I've actually seen some people convince themselves that they need a new camera to take their photography to the next level. 

What I haven’t seen is anyone seriously explore the above question. Can a new camera make you a better photographer? That’s what’s important, right? That the camera at least helps us improve, makes the process easier perhaps. The features on their own are meaningless. 

I've had a few cameras over the years. They're definitely not all the same. The different features, ergonomics have impacted me as a photographer in different ways. Some features have actually been game-changing. 

I’ve explored the question  of whether a camera can help you become a better photographer in depth. If you like the sort of photography that I do. If you’re into making travel/documentary photos, this video has some really useful and practical information for you.