Hard truths about travel and photography of people

Most photographers paint a very rosy picture of travel and photography of people. Beautiful places, friendly locals. They talk about how they connect with different cultures so effortlessly.

The truth, the hard truth, is that things aren’t always so ideal. A lot can go wrong. Cultural differences are significant. Some people won’t want you around photographing them. Certain individuals will cheat you and waste your time. You’ll see things that’ll sadden you, shock you. You won’t know how to deal with them. You’ll have more questions than answers. Even friendships with the people you photograph, or with those who help you can complicate your work.

So few, if any photographers talk about the hard truths. That's why my new Youtube video explores these topics. It’s an important video important for anyone who’s into the same kind of photography as me - travel and documentary. Especially if you’re dealing with foreign cultures.