Travel photography tips - Don't be a photo sniper


Today the idea of limiting the number of photos you take during a photoshoot is… It doesn't make sense. Memory cards are cheap. Storage is cheap. And of course shooting more photos means more opportunities to get something special. Right? Yes. Well, kind of. It’s not as simple as that. 

Go behind the scenes

Travel photography behind the scenes

If you’re not ending up with one or two great photos at the end of a shoot, you're likely making mistakes. Shooting more is only one of the steps that you should already be taking.  

What I talk about doesn’t only apply to travel photography. It’s relevant to almost any kind of photography.

In the video above, I’ll show you the benefits of making more photos.  But, beyond that, I’ll let you in on my own thought process when I shoot, using three of my images as examples. I'll explain all the important nuances and share the key tips to creating great photos. What I talk about doesn't only apply to travel photography. It's relevant to almost any kind of photography.

By the end of the video, it’ll be clear why you shouldn't try to be a "photo sniper". But, even more importantly you'll see that it's not only the amount of frames you make that matters. 

This video is very similar to the content in my Behind The Scenes Course. But, it only scratches the surface of what I cover there.