Where the eyes should be looking?

Various little details and nuances during a photo shoot can make a world of difference. One of the nuances relates to – Where the eyes of the people in your photographs should be looking. It’s a very practical and rational thing to think about, yet, it's not discussed very often.

Every decision we make impacts what our photos communicate. The eyes are a very distinguishable part in any photo of a person. It only makes sense then, to be aware of where our subjects’ eyes look. 

I’ve created a video discussing the eyes of our photographic subjects. Where they should look, why and what it’ll all mean to the final image. 

This video like anything else I make comes with a disclaimer. These are my ideas, not concrete rules.  Take them on board, take some of them on board. Whatever you decide, there’s surely some food for thought here. 



More important lessons

In the video I mention my course - Behind the Scenes. In this course you'll learn many similar lessons and much more. I've put a lot of time and effort creating it. As I say, it's the closest thing to a blueprint for creating award worthy photos.  Currently it's on sale. The details and the link are above. Just click the banner.