Turkey's beautiful coastline

I’ve travled a few hundred km along the Turkish coastline now and, seeing it for myself, I have to say… it’s pretty stunning. Of course I saw photos before, but, there’s nothing like seeing it for yourself or, even better, seeing it from above with the drone. 

I’d go so far as to say that Turkish coastline is overall the most beautiful that I’ve seen since the Philippines. Sure Spain, Portugal and Italy are amazing too, but, there’s just so much coastline in Turkey. It’s so different in different places and, what I really love is that quite a bit of it is still wild! 

I am currently traveling alone and, even though I do miss my wife and daughter, this time has been almost meditative and... I will meet them in a couple of days anyway. For now I drive around and simply look for anything I find interesting. At the moment, interesting has involved the drone quite a lot, just because I'm still learning and experimenting.

No, I haven't become purely a landscape photographer, but, landscapes are certainly part of the story. So often having that view from the sky opens up amazing possibilities, like in the case of the photo of a shipwreck above.

Getting to those wilder places is sometimes best done with a 4X4 and, once you get there, the idea of tourist resorts and loud cities becomes rather unappealing. :)