The road back to Turkey

After over 3, 700km I am back in Bulgaria. I’ve never driven through such an amount of countries in such short time. It’s not my favourite way of traveling, but, I want to get back to Turkey fast, as I’ll be meeting my wife and daughter there and… there’s just a lot of potential for adventure. 

It turned out that my small crash with the drone was not as harmless as I initially thought. I might have damaged something. I then might have magnified whatever issue was there by putting the Phantom 3 into checked luggage (in the special case). Maybe it got banged around. Who knows. The point is - Don’t crash your drone. If the problem doesn’t come out right away, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be a problem at all.

I'm a little disappointed in myself for getting an idea to document my trip more thoroughly only when it was almost over. The roads through the part of Europe which I traveled were full of holiday-maker. Different characters, different cultures. Stopping at gas stations and restaurants along the way provided an interesting insight into what's essentially a really big part of life in some areas of Europe. I think there is a whole project in that, so, feel free to use the idea. I think I might, if I ever hit the road in that part of the world again.  

I’m now waiting for the drone to get fixed and to finally slow down, meet my family and to start focusing on photos.