Timelapses and drones

Video of Çirali beach. (Click the image to see the video)

I am still in Çirali. My family has come to join me, but unfortunately Mia, my daughter got a little sick. Luckily, Çirali is a stunning place and I am not completely deprived of shooting something, while little Mia recovers.

I've always thought that it's really important to experiment or, to simply play around. It seems that so many of us stop playing after we reach a certain level in photography or in other careers. I never understood why. I'm still a sucker to try out new things and... to play around with new formats or technologies, or just to try something new and to play with whatever gear I already have. After all, isn't that how we grow creatively?

So... above is another little video. This time I played around with time-lapses, drone footage, location sound and music. It's no masterpiece and it was put together this morning, but, it's another step. 

How did I create it?

I shot the time-lapses with my Panasonic GH4 and Panasonic GX7. I did this simultaneously, to get a few more angles. The time-lapse features on these cameras are actually pretty amazing. They're built into them.

It surprised me that the exposure doesn't seem to get really thrown off as noticeably as it used to with the Canon 5D MKIII. Even when the light changes, the exposure seems to change pretty smoothly with it. 

The ambient sound was recorded with the conveniently small Zoom H2n.