Back to Mother India

I’ve joked for a long time that regardless of where I travel, all roads ultimately lead to India. Of course there’s a lot of truth to this joke. India is special to me. No matter how long I'm away from it, it seems that I gravitate back time and time again. In fact, since 2005 I’ve visited India 7 times, spending close to 2 years within its borders. 

Those who have followed my blog in the past know that India is the place where I really put myself on the map photographically. It was the middle meeting point for me and my future wife Tanya (who is from Belarus). And, it’s the place where I met Hardik, who’s become one of my best friends and partner’s in crime/adventure. 

I liken India to a Mother because it had such a huge role in my growth and because it’s been so kind to me. I’ve learned so, so many lessons in India. I’ve been humbled. I’ve been frustrated. I’ve fallen in love with it and I saw the true meaning of hospitality. No people have been as welcoming to me as Indians. 

I feel that anyone, especially the photographers who have been to India will agree that it’s hard to match India visually. Somehow almost anywhere else seems pretty drab by comparison. It’s also hard to match the vibe. For some crazy reason, despite the poverty, the dirt, the ridiculous challenges, it feels like something magical can happen anywhere at any time. I’ve never felt this way anywhere else. 

Some of my close Indiaphile friends and I have agreed – once you’ve visited India when you talk to other people who have visited, you start to categorise them. There are those who love India and those who don’t. Those who love it are of the same ilk as us. They’re our tribe. Those who don’t like it – aren’t. 

In a couple of days I’ll be in India again. Even though I was there just last year, I’m excited. Hopefully once I arrive I can tell you what I'm up to and post some more photo diary entries.