How can you create compelling photographs worthy of awards and publications? 

 Below is a taste of what you'll see inside

  • How to search for that amazing photo. (The first obvious question that's rarely asked)
  • The truth about compositional rules. There are more organic and fluid ways of looking at composition. 
  • Why being a photo sniper makes no sense in the digital age. (I'll explain what a photo sniper is)
  • The crucial factors that make the difference between a great photo and one that falls short. 
  • Can a great image be the result of an accident?(Confession time, but it's not what you might think)
  • The practical approach to capturing the moment.
  • The important factor that's guaranteed to add depth, mood or a sense of story to your images.
  • Practical, actionable tips to turn natural light into a powerful creative ally.
  • Where should the eyes of your subject be looking? (Important because this directs the viewer’s eyes too) 
  • What factors increase your chances of getting powerful photographs. 
  • Things to never do in the field (you’ll have much less missed opportunities as a result)
  • What role do the technical settings play? (Not only the info, but the explanations behind every decision)