A blueprint to creating powerful photographs? Finally–an educational resource that goes beyond the f-stops, compositional rules and gear

You love photography. It’s your passion. You want to be good, even great at it. But those special photos remain elusive. That's why you’re here.


There are now more ways to learn than ever but...


Most content online is created by photo educators who don't have much credibility as photographers. They can't teach what they don't know – how to create compelling photographs. If you've heard one – you've pretty much heard them all. "Shoot during the golden hour. This is what the aperture and the shutter speed do. Here are the rules of composition and here's how to make your images pop." You've likely been learning recycled information in different packages. 

You’ve likely been learning recycled information in different packages. 



Avoid Wasted opportunities and a hard drive with underwhelming, mediocre images

What you saw during your trip was amazing. What you've captured doesn't come close. No point lying to yourself. Hard earned cash spent and most chances are gone forever. This is FRUSTRATING.

Repeat this mistake and you’re guaranteed wasted opportunities and mediocre photos.

Familiar feeling. I’ve been there. Learned the hard way – through trial and error. My mistake, but I didn't have the resources that are available now. Repeat this mistake and you’re guaranteed wasted opportunities and mediocre photos. The journeys are still enjoyable, but I’d be lying if I said that I don’t regret those wasted opportunities. The whole point of this educational resource is to give you the tools, so that you don't regret anything. NO EXCUSES.


Winning portfolio displayed at the Travel Photographer Of The Year in London

an eye-opening experience

That’s how photographer friends described traveling with me and seeing how I work. I realised something from this feedback. They're serious about their photography. If they got so much out of seeing how I work, others who are serious about improving can benefit a whole lot too.

A rare behind the scenes look where nothing is held back

After I won in the Travel Photographer Of The Year competition things clicked. Those winning photos proved to be successful. They were also published in Geographical UK magazine. Using these images I've created the closest thing to a blueprint. A blueprint to making photos worthy of awards and publications. I’ve included EVERYTHING – my entire creative process. How did I chose the best photos from each shoot? What did I do to make the most of them in post-processing? It’s a rare behind the scenes look. I'm not holding anything back.



Photography workshops are EXPENSIVE. The costs are from USD $2,500 - USD $10,000. But, here's the truth. Despite what you pay, getting total access to a serious, pro photographer is very uncommon. Anyone who's been on a workshop can tell you. It’s also rare that a photographer will show you all their images. Even more rare is getting in-depth explanations behind all their creative decisions.


You can spend thousands, but the educational value of a workshop doesn’t compare to a resource like this.

I'm not anti-workshop, but let's say you are going to spend all that money. Wouldn’t it make sense to be as prepared as possible? Imagine your next photo trip. Now imagine you're armed with actionable knowledge. You come back with something that makes you happy. And if you weren't prepared? You've got no images to be proud of. All that money you spent. It's like you flushed it down the toilet.

Why listen to me?

Besides the winning images here, dozens of magazines have published my work. From Nat Geo Traveler to Vanity Fair. Prints of my photos hang in embassies and in museums. I'm also a Panasonic Lumix Ambassador. I won't go on. Not one to toot my own horn. Not the point here.

The point is, you'll be learning from a photographer with a proven track-record in making powerful images. I don't only know how to teach photography. It makes a world of difference. You can have the confidence that what I'm teaching you works.

Of course, even the best photographers can be bad teachers. You should make sure that this isn't the case here. I encourage you to read the testimonials about this educational resource down the page. 


How can you create compelling photographs worthy of awards and publications? 

 Below is a taste of what you'll see inside

  • How to search for that amazing photo. (The first obvious question that's rarely asked)
  • The truth about compositional rules. There are more organic and fluid ways of looking at composition. 
  • Why being a photo sniper makes no sense in the digital age. (I'll explain what a photo sniper is)
  • The crucial factors that make the difference between a great photo and one that falls short. 
  • Can a great image be the result of an accident?(Confession time, but it's not what you might think)
  • The practical approach to capturing the moment.
  • The important factor that's guaranteed to add depth, mood or a sense of story to your images.
  • Practical, actionable tips to turn natural light into a powerful creative ally.
  • Where should the eyes of your subject be looking? (Important because this directs the viewer’s eyes too) 
  • What factors increase your chances of getting powerful photographs. 
  • Things to never do in the field (you’ll have much less missed opportunities as a result)
  • What role do the technical settings play? (Not only the info, but the explanations behind every decision)

A decade worth of knowledge is transferred to you via visuals, sound and music. Be inspired, motivated – CREATE powerful PHOTOGRAPHS



An immersive experience

It’s proven that you absorb information better when you engage more of your senses. An entire soundtrack accompanies the videos. As you view the images I made, you’ll also hear the sounds that I heard. It’s almost like you’re there with me in the field. There’s music to set the ambience too. Turn up the volume and check out the above video fragments to see and hear what I’m talking about.

additional examples

In the videos I'll share many concepts I learned by making and analysing photos. Composing with diagonal lines, or in layers. Creative use of light. The smaller nuances too, like shooting on eye level with the action.  I’ll show you the images that helped me — and will help you — understand these concepts in greater depth.

Stories and tips

Over a decade in the field has taught me many valuable lessons. I’ve compacted some of them into short and accessible video anecdotes. These are tips that will help you avoid mistakes. They'll also give you the confidence to try something new. Click the video segment above. I talk about what being curious like a child can lead to, as far photography goes.



MASTERING POST-PROCESSING. Everyone knows that getting it right in camera is only the first step. The "Digital Darkroom" videos will empower you to make the most of your images every time.

Raw Image File Icon

You get the RAW files. Follow along, learn by doing.


My post-processing style is a big part of what makes my work stand out. It gives photos a certain edge. Makes them look more dynamic, yet realistic. I'll teach you all my techniques.

Load up the provided RAW files of all 4 winning photographs. Watch what I do in Adobe Lightroom step-by-step and do the same. I'll explain all my actions as I make them. You'll understand the Why, not only the How. As a result, you'll be able to make the right decisions when post-processing your own images. 


inside the "Digital Darkroom"

  • How to make your images look dynamic.
  • Can post-processing help with story telling?
  • The technique to fix unwanted colour distortions.
  • How to bring out the character of your subject.
  • What colour profiles do and when to use them.
  • Is cropping a no-no?
  • What to pay attention to if you're printing large.
  • Why enhance the smaller details.
  • When to use Global Adjustments and when to use Local Adjustments.
  • Is sloppy post-processing fixable?
  • What's the practical function of the histogram?
  • When to use the Graduated Filter.

What's in each package

The Full PDF eBook: USD $29.97


Learn about my creative process in the field in this detailed 160 page PDF ebook. Upload it to your device of choice and refer to it anywhere.


The Creative Process: USD $89.97

You get 2 hours 20 minutes of downloadable videos about my entire creative process in the field. I cover everything in great depth. It's like being in the field with me. To help you understand all the concepts better, I share and discuss many additional photographs.

The Full Package: USD $129.97

You get EVERYTHING. The PDF ebook, The Creative Process videos and 1 hour 24 minutes of The Digital Darkroom videos. Plus there are the RAW files. Everything is downloadable. Access the resource wherever you are in the world. With the full package you'll join me in the field and during the image selection. Then I'll post-process all the photos in front of you and you can follow along too with those RAW files.


packages side by side

Prices are in US $ Dollars

PDF ebook

  • 160 page PDF ebook of the entire creative process in the field
The Full Package

  • 160 page PDF ebook
  • 2 hours 20 minutes of The Creative Process videos
  • 1 hour 24 minutes of Digital Darkroom videos
  • The RAW files
The Creative Process

  • 160 page PDF ebook
  • 2 hours 20 minutes of The Creative Process videos
100% Money back guarantee

100% RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I've put my heart and soul into creating this unique, educational resource. I'm sure it'll be very useful for your growth as a photographer. If not – email me. I'll give you  all your money back. No questions asked. No risk for you. I'm taking all the risks, since the ebook and the videos are downloadable. But, I believe in the goodness of people. Fair play = everybody wins.  

NOTE: When you purchase you will be taken to the Photographic Process website. It's the educational platform that I created. This is a more convenient way of delivering you multiple content in one place.


(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by credit card?

Absolutely. Simply choose the “Pay by credit card” option instead of putting in your Paypal details.

I own some of your other educational material. Does any of the content overlap?

This is entirely new educational content. While there might be a little bit of overlapping, since composition, light and moment are not new photographic topics – I deal with all these topics differently than before. There are images that I never spoke about and there’s video footage too, which I never used before.

Can I upgrade my package?

Yes. You can upgrade at any time. You will only be charged the difference between what you paid and the price of a higher package. However, if you purchased the package during a sale period and you want to upgrade outside of this period, you will be charged the difference between what you paid and the regular price.

Can I downgrade my package?

No. Since you are purchasing a downloadable product you cannot downgrade your package. Important: The system will allow you to downgrade, but you will simply lose access to a higher package. If you are interested in downgrading or a refund, please email me directly. THE CONTACT PAGE.

What apps/software do I need?

For following along with the RAW files, you need Adobe Lightroom 5 or above. To view the videos – you can use Quicktime or virtually any other movie viewer. Of course, you can also view them online from your browser.

What is the Photographic Process?

The Photographic Process is the educational platform that I've created to go along with my personal website. It's a better way to deliver you educational material in one place online.