People Photography & Travel – The most important things to know

Photographing people is much harder than photographing nature or inanimate objects. There are countless nuances, potential misunderstandings. It can seem intimidating and overwhelming. This PDF guide will help you become a more confident, better people photographer.

A decade of experience in people photography & travel

Some approaches work better than others. A small difference can give you an edge or get you access. There are things to completely avoid too. I'll talk about all of this. I'll also answer two important questions. They're somewhat controversial, but they're a real concern for people photography enthusiasts everywhere.

What I write is distinct because I only give advice based on personal experiences. Everything comes from years of actually traveling and photographing people. I’ve built my entire career on people photography and travel. 

The aim of this guide is to shed light on a topic where camera settings and all the technical details are secondary. To teach you the most important things about people photography and travel.

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