MASTERING POST-PROCESSING. Everyone knows that getting it right in camera is only the first step. The "Digital Darkroom" videos will empower you to make the most of your images every time.

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You get the RAW files. Follow along, learn by doing.


My post-processing style is a big part of what makes my work stand out. It gives photos a certain edge. Makes them look more dynamic, yet realistic. I'll teach you all my techniques.

Load up the provided RAW files of all 4 winning photographs. Watch what I do in Adobe Lightroom step-by-step and do the same. I'll explain all my actions as I make them. You'll understand the Why, not only the How. As a result, you'll be able to make the right decisions when post-processing your own images. 


inside the "Digital Darkroom"

  • How to make your images look dynamic.
  • Can post-processing help with story telling?
  • The technique to fix unwanted colour distortions.
  • How to bring out the character of your subject.
  • What colour profiles do and when to use them.
  • Is cropping a no-no?
  • What to pay attention to if you're printing large.
  • Why enhance the smaller details.
  • When to use Global Adjustments and when to use Local Adjustments.
  • Is sloppy post-processing fixable?
  • What's the practical function of the histogram?
  • When to use the Graduated Filter.