(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by credit card?

Absolutely. Simply choose the “Pay by credit card” option instead of putting in your Paypal details.

I own some of your other educational material. Does any of the content overlap?

This is entirely new educational content. While there might be a little bit of overlapping, since composition, light and moment are not new photographic topics – I deal with all these topics differently than before. There are images that I never spoke about and there’s video footage too, which I never used before.

Can I upgrade my package?

Yes. You can upgrade at any time. You will only be charged the difference between what you paid and the price of a higher package. However, if you purchased the package during a sale period and you want to upgrade outside of this period, you will be charged the difference between what you paid and the regular price.

Can I downgrade my package?

No. Since you are purchasing a downloadable product you cannot downgrade your package. Important: The system will allow you to downgrade, but you will simply lose access to a higher package. If you are interested in downgrading or a refund, please email me directly. THE CONTACT PAGE.

What apps/software do I need?

For following along with the RAW files, you need Adobe Lightroom 5 or above. To view the videos – you can use Quicktime or virtually any other movie viewer. Of course, you can also view them online from your browser.

What is the Photographic Process?

The Photographic Process is the educational platform that I've created to go along with my personal website. It's a better way to deliver you educational material in one place online.