A decade worth of knowledge is transferred to you via visuals, sound and music. Be inspired, motivated – CREATE powerful PHOTOGRAPHS



An immersive experience

It’s proven that you absorb information better when you engage more of your senses. An entire soundtrack accompanies the videos. As you view the images I made, you’ll also hear the sounds that I heard. It’s almost like you’re there with me in the field. There’s music to set the ambience too. Turn up the volume and check out the above video fragments to see and hear what I’m talking about.

additional examples

In the videos I'll share many concepts I learned by making and analysing photos. Composing with diagonal lines, or in layers. Creative use of light. The smaller nuances too, like shooting on eye level with the action.  I’ll show you the images that helped me — and will help you — understand these concepts in greater depth.

Stories and tips

Over a decade in the field has taught me many valuable lessons. I’ve compacted some of them into short and accessible video anecdotes. These are tips that will help you avoid mistakes. They'll also give you the confidence to try something new. Click the video segment above. I talk about what being curious like a child can lead to, as far photography goes.